Tuesday, 11 October 2016

This preference uses the printed word as the most important way to convey and receive information. I agree with this because I learn easier when I am taking notes and writing descriptively about what I have learnt. If I am learning in college I would prefer to read books/hand-outs and take my own notes. I learn more from writing my own notes as I'm taking in any information and rewriting them so I understand them in my own way. I learn more from taking my own notes as I can keep going over my notes taking in any information which I've wrote about. when you take your own notes your picking out which you think is the most important information, which will help you to study or progress in the course which you're doing.

Here is a list of ways I intake information;
  • lists
  • headings
  • dictionaries
  • glossaries
  • definitions
  • handouts
  • textbooks
  • readings – library
  • notes (often verbatim)
  • teachers who use words well and have lots of information in sentences and notes
  • essays
  • manuals (computing and laboratory)